Classic Wonderhouse

Classic Wonderhouse
Classic Wonderhouse
Classic Wonderhouse
Classic Wonderhouse
Classic Wonderhouse
Classic Wonderhouse
Classic Wonderhouse
Classic Wonderhouse
Classic Wonderhouse
Classic Wonderhouse
Classic Wonderhouse
Classic Wonderhouse
Classic Wonderhouse

Classic Wonderhouse


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Classic Wonderhouse

This is not just a puzzle — it is a wooden puzzle. It will be a great gift for both a child and an adult. 

The new Unidragon Classic Wonderhouse puzzle will take you to a magical place.

High in the mountains, a quiet valley is hidden from prying eyes. It hides a mysterious house with an ancient stone bridge. Leave your worries behind and knock on the door.

Here you will find an ethereal boundary between the seasons. The deep silence of the ancient mountains envelops everything around, and loved ones become even closer. Just take a closer look: this is real magic created by the most powerful wizard in the world — nature.

And nature gave us a hint on the cut of this puzzle. Mountain peaks are made of pieces with sharp edges. They are reminders of life's challenges and rapidly changing circumstances. The house and the stream babbling in front of it are made of pieces with smooth

outlines. They symbolize family warmth, support from loved ones, and the comfort of a happy home.

Thanks to Unitouch technology, the picture comes alive, adding a three-dimensional touch, allowing you to feel each detail of this magical place. Feel the rocks' edges and the running water's smoothness on your fingertips, and immerse yourself in the peace that the local mountains exude.

We've updated the packaging to make it even more stylish. The black outline and lacquered details on the lid highlight key elements of the illustration. Crafted with care, each of the 500 pieces is cut from durable HDF, ensuring your puzzle stands the test of time. Walk the path to the hidden valley, and let the memory of it remain with you for a long time.

It's nice to take a friend on a trip like this one.  Gift this puzzle to someone who loves adventure and has always dreamt of mountain exploration. It's perfect for those who believe there's still magic in the world. Or maybe that someone is you?


This exciting game is suitable for school children and adults.

One Size - 43×29 cm (16.9×11.4 in) - 500 pcs - high complexity, assembly time 4-6 hours.


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Unitouch technology:3D printing and varnish coating — feel the edges of mountain slopes and the softness of foliage at your fingertips
Various piece types reflect the theme of the illustration
Challenging and fun to build: 500 abstract-shaped pieces
Mountain landscape that can be hung on the wall using a special gluing system
Wear-resistant and durable HDF material

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